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Visual Arts

Stage 4 Visual Arts

Visual Arts is mandatory in Years 7 & 8 and offered as an elective in years 9 - 12.  Visual Arts education at Campbelltown Performing Arts High School highly values how students engage in the creative and intellectual process to produce artworks that demonstrate an approach that is imaginative, inventive and challenging.  Visual Arts places a high regard on how students develop an informed point of view and encourage tolerance, diversity and empathy between students, teachers and others in the expression of different points of view which leads to respecting cultural diversity within our societies and also in other regions and cultures.

Stage 5 electives

Photography and Digital Media

Photographic and Digital Media provides opportunities for students to enjoy making and

studying a range of photographic and digital media works. It enables students to

represent their ideas and interests about the world, to engage in contemporary forms of communication and understand and write about their contemporary world.

Visual Arts

In Visual Arts, students are introduced to and master a range of higher-order skills, values and attitudes.  In this fast-paced, information-rich and multimedia age, creativity is more important than ever.  Visual Arts offers students a creative outlet in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Visual Design

Visual Design is devised to enable students to gain an increasing accomplishment and

independence in their representation of ideas in different fields of design and to understand and value how graphic, wearable, product, and interior/exterior design invite different interpretations and explanations.

Stage 6 electives

Visual Arts

This course provides students with the opportunity to develop their own artworks, culminating in a 'Body of Work' in the HSC course. Students engage in critical and historical study of the artworld to investigate artists, artworks, worlds, and audiences

from a range of cultural, political, historical, and social perspectives and use these to inform their own artmaking practices.


This course provides students with the opportunity to develop an understanding of ceramic processes and practices, and the ways in which these can be used in making a range of products and artworks. Students develop understandings of the histories, conventions, traditions, and contemporary applications of ceramics to inform their own

practice. The course is primarily practical with all theoretical tasks completed as studies of ceramic artists, cultures, and techniques.

Visual Design

Visual Design offers students the opportunity to explore practices of design. These

fields of artistic practice resonate within students’ experience and understanding of the world and are highly relevant to contemporary ways of interpreting the world. The course offers opportunities for investigation of a range of design fields and develops students’ understanding and skills, which contribute to an informed critical practice.

Photography and Digital Media

Photographic and Digital Media enables students to investigate new technologies, cultural identity and the evolution of photography and digital media into the 21st century. Students are provided with opportunities to make and study photographic and digital media works in greater depth and breadth than through the Visual Arts elective course.