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High Potential and Gifted Education (HPGE)

Overview of High Potential and Education across the school 

At Campbelltown Performing Arts High School, we believe that all students should have access to high-quality education that challenges and engages them to achieve their full potential. This includes students who have been identified as high potential and gifted learners.

At Campbelltown Performing Arts High School, we place high value on creating optimal learning environments where all students are challenged and engaged to achieve their educational potential. We use high expectations and evidence-based teaching strategies to support the talent development of our high potential and gifted students. We also use formative assessment to track and monitor progress, and well-structured and sequenced learning experiences to ensure that students are appropriately challenged and supported in their learning. We ensure that our students are provided with the best possible learning experiences to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. 

High potential and gifted education at CPAHS is based on the following principles:

  • High expectations: We set high expectations for all our students and believe that all students can achieve their full potential through access to learning programs that meet their learning needs and support to aspire to, and achieve, personal excellence.

  • Effective, explicit, evidence-based teaching: Achieving excellence for high potential and gifted students is underpinned by effective school environments including quality teaching, learning and leadership. We use evidence-based teaching practices that have been shown to be effective in engaging and challenging high potential and gifted learners. We also provide explicit teaching that helps students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • Differentiation: Potential exists along a continuum, where differing degrees of potential require differing approaches and levels of adjustment and intervention. We recognise that high potential and gifted learners have unique learning needs and we differentiate our teaching and learning to meet those needs. This includes providing accelerated learning opportunities, enrichment activities, and individualised learning plans.

  • Inclusivity: We create a culture of inclusivity where all students are valued and supported, regardless of their background or ability. We recognise the importance of diversity within our school community and celebrate the unique talents and abilities of our students.

  • Collaboration: We work collaboratively with parents, caregivers, and external organisations to provide a comprehensive support network for our high potential and gifted learners. We believe that partnerships with external organisations can provide students with valuable experiences and opportunities that enhance their learning and development.


At CPAHS, we believe in nurturing the unique talents of our high potential students through offering specialised enrichment classes where appropriate. Various faculties, such as English, offer targeted enrichment programs for students. For instance, our English faculty runs one enrichment class for Year 9 and Year 10 students. Students are offered a place in this class based on teacher nominations, academic performance in English, peer recommendations, and student writing samples. Several other faculties are exploring similar initiatives to ensure that students with high potential or giftedness benefit from accelerated curricula and opportunities for complex thinking across the curriculum.


In certain exceptional cases, our deputy principal’s collaborate with staff and parents/carers to orchestrate accelerated learning opportunities for students who exhibit high potential and giftedness in a particular subject. Recognising the need for tailored educational experiences, these acceleration initiatives are designed to provide an environment where students can delve deeper into their areas of strength, fostering both intellectual growth and a passion for continuous learning. At CPAHS, we are committed to recognising and supporting the unique journey of each high potential and gifted learner, ensuring they thrive academically and personally.

Individualised HPGE Mentoring 

Campbelltown Performing Arts High School is pleased to offer a specialised mentoring program catering to senior students identified as high potential or gifted individuals requiring personalised support. Selection for this program is based on careful consideration of students' extracurricular commitments and long-term aspirations. Only students with demanding schedules, necessitating ongoing and regular guidance, are invited to participate.

Once selected, students benefit from the expertise of a dedicated HPGE Staff Mentor. Regular meetings with the student's parents/carers are conducted to collaboratively design individualised pathways supporting talent development and personal goals. The HPGE staff mentor maintains consistent engagement with the student, facilitating support for endeavors such as applying for extracurricular opportunities, securing assessment task extensions, and fostering effective communication with classroom teachers and parents/carers to ensure alignment with the student's goals and aspirations.

The staff mentor employs a strategic approach by providing tailored actions and strategies to nurture the student's talent development. This may encompass specialised coursework, enrichment opportunities, participation in mentorship programs, involvement in competitions, and engagement with external programs. Additionally, the mentor assists in organising academic responsibilities, particularly in cases of regular absences due to school-related commitments, and aids in the application process for assessment task extensions.

Overall, the HPGE Staff Mentor serves as a dedicated advocate, assisting the student in navigating their extracurricular ambitions while maintaining a delicate balance with academic requirements. This comprehensive mentoring program reflects our commitment to supporting the holistic development of high potential and gifted students at Campbelltown Performing Arts High School.