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Student Leadership

Student Leadership Team

Empowering Student Leadership for Life

At Campbelltown Performing Arts High School, we firmly believe that leadership is a skill for life. Our leadership program is meticulously designed to foster the development of crucial skills such as communication, interpersonal relationships, organization, and decision-making. By actively engaging in student-led initiatives, whole-school activities, and external community events, our student leaders cultivate the capacity to build successful relationships with peers, teams, and the broader community.

Year 12 Leadership Team: Esteemed Positions with Lasting Impact

The Year 12 student leadership roles at CPAHS are highly esteemed positions that garner respect from students, staff, parents, the community, and prospective tertiary institutions and employers alike. As active and informed citizens, our student leaders embody the school's core values of Respect, Integrity, Safety, and Engagement (RISE). They serve as influential role models for their peers, contributing positively to the school community.

Year 12 Leadership Team Positions

Our Year 12 Leadership Team comprises traditional roles such as School Captains and Vice Captains, supplemented by additional leadership positions: Prefect Portfolio Leaders in the domains of Respect, Integrity, Safety, and Engagement. These roles enable students to make a positive contribution to the school, co-create the school vision, and leave a lasting legacy.

The Application Process

Student Self-Nomination (Stage One):

  • Year 11 students are invited to self-nominate for Year 12 Leadership Team positions.

  • Selection criteria include commitment to the school, adherence to core values, academic record, conduct, initiative, communication skills, ability to work cooperatively, and a vision for school improvement.

  • A committee, including the Principal and Year 11 Deputy Principal, assesses nominations and selects candidates based on criteria and school records.

  • Students considering self-nomination are encouraged to select a teacher mentor for guidance in building confidence, preparing responses, developing portfolios, speech preparation, and enhancing interview skills.

Portfolio Development, Speech Delivery, and Interviews (Stage Two):

  • Successful candidates from Stage One proceed to prepare a portfolio showcasing their achievements.

  • They participate in a panel interview and deliver a speech outlining their vision for the role.

  • Speeches are live-streamed for wider engagement.

Identification of Successful Candidates (Stage Three):

  • Candidates are assessed based on written responses, portfolios, interviews, speeches, staff votes, and student votes.

  • The five areas have equal weighting, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation process.

  • Leadership positions include School Captains (x2), Vice Captains (x2), and Prefect Portfolio Leaders (Respect, Integrity, Safety, Engagement).

Collaborative Decision-Making for Specific Positions:

  • The Year 12 Leadership Team collaboratively decides specific positions for Prefect Portfolio Leaders, ensuring a cohesive team.

  • In case of a tie, the candidate's initial nomination score is considered.

  • This multi-stage process ensures a thorough and fair evaluation, selecting individuals with the passion, commitment, and vision to contribute meaningfully to the Year 12 Leadership Team at CPAHS.


The Student Representative Council (SRC) at CPAHS is a group of students in our school elected by their fellow students. SRC represent and are the voice of all student's within the school. The SRC advocates for student interests and works towards facilitating positive changes and contribution within the school community as well as fundraising for important causes. They embody the values of respect, integrity, safety, and engagement. Through their initiatives and collaborative efforts, the SRC fosters an inclusive and dynamic learning environment at CPAHS.